What are the differences in the different media players?

There are very little differences, really. It depends on personal preference, and often which media player is installed as the default player on your computer. If you are using a Windows PC, most likely Windows Media Player is installed as the default media player. If you are a MAC-Apple user, the default media player is likely Quick Time.

When I click a media player to listen, I get a message that asks if I want to "open" or "save" a file.

This can happen, depending on your computers settings or default media player settings. Pick the "open" option and the stream should begin playing within a few seconds.

How can I see which songs are 'now playing' on my media player?

The title and artist of the current song playing on our stream can be seen on Winamp and Real Player, but is not currently available when using Windows Media Player or Quick Time.

I listen at home, but have trouble connecting to the stream at work.

This is common, as some companies and businesses set up their network firewall to block certain streaming audio and video from outside sources. Ask your network administrator if this is the case, and if they will allow access.

Can I listen to North Pole Radio without being connected to my computer?

YES! There are a growing number of options for listening to online radio without a computer. The most common are portable internet radios that work on your wireless network at home or work, so you can listen to North Pole Radio and thousands more online radio stations anywhere you have access to WiFi.

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